Jan 25, 2011

Fear the beard!

Bear with me, this will make sense in the end, or not. The San Francisco Giants won the baseball world series last year, and the town is still covered with posters of one of the players, Brian Wilson, a bearded dude, with the slogan "Fear the beard". I go past a garage every morning with this poster and it makes me smile every time.

A couple of days ago I wrote a mail to a friend of mine, Jens, who I met in Madrid where he is currently running a bar, La Contenta. Good place, great music. And that is why I wrote him, explaining that in San Francisco you get this urge to unleash the record nerd within, grow a huge beard and listen to folk and Americana. Since Jens knows this field, I asked him what he is listening to at the moment. This is what I got back. Fear the beard!

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