Jan 25, 2011


Maybe it is an age thing, I am not going to repeat what day is coming up..., but my taste is going more and more from sweet towards bitter. When it comes to wines I prefer a dry Ribeiro wine before a sweet Californian one. When it comes to tea I prefer the traditional Early gray before a flavored cherry/strawberry/red fruits tea.

Lately I have also got a taste for chocolate, the higher percentage the better. The kind of chocolate I would give Leah and she would put a face of disgust, well... actually, she loves it, but she has her own way around food. But back to the point, nothing like some red wine and black chocolate, even though that is not supposed to go well together.

Today we left mom at home resting and Leah and I went walking down to North Beach to the Ghirardelli Chocolate shop. I guess that more than being an urge for eating chocolate, it just sounds kind of nice, Saturday walk in the sun to the chocolate shop. Being the USA, it is just not a chocolate shop, they have their own shopping mall with ice cream parlor, tea shop and cupcake shop (I could not resist, they are so small and cute, and ended up buying some cupcakes to Silvia!). It was just a nice day in the sun with my little cupcake!

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