Jan 24, 2011


The Embarcadero is part of the port of San Francisco, comes from the Spanish word Embarcar, to embark, for you language lovers out there (Hi Silvia!). It basically runs all the way up to North Beach and Pier 39, however we refer to Embarcadero as being the Ferry House on Market Street, now rebuilt as a small food market. It is the perfect destination for a Sunday walk, especially days like these when it is great weather.

Today, for all you weather lovers (Hi dad!), it was a really strange and typical San Francisco day. We wake up, sun is shining and it is really warm, almost summer like. We decide to take a long walk and go to the Embarcadero. When we get down to the water front, there is this amazing fog that is concentrated only around the Bay Bridge. It looks like the bridge is wearing white pants.

We took a walk inside the ferry building, which makes you hungry even though you just ate. Cheese, wine and all kind of organic food is sold in the market place. The perfect place for all you food lovers (Hi mom and aunts!). Just a very pleasant day!

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