Jan 23, 2011

You are what you eat

Leah has always loved to try food and she tends to like everything even though her initial reaction always is of disgust. Women change their minds rapidly. She likes the most odd things, like curry or tomato sauce with jalapeno.

Then something happened as lately she does not want to eat anything. I guess it is a phase, but most food is either to play with, used to moisten your hair or to throw at whatever parent is sitting in front of you. Her aim is surprisingly good. This doesn't mean that she does not eat things. Leah is my daughter and we are very much alike in many senses, one of them being the potato chips. I can open a bag in a different room and she will come running with her tongue hanging out.

This photo might not seem right on a post about Leah's bad eating habits lately. Actually it perfectly describes her eating; I don't eat stuff except stuff I shouldn't eat. So this is not her eating broccoli, chicken or pork. It is Leah eating, devouring actually, ice cream. Sigh...

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