Dec 31, 2010

New Year's Eve: the test round

So we are last in line, when everyone are sleeping or having that last drink that they shouldn't have or waking up with a hangover to find a giant octopus in the hammock (don't ask..) we are still having lunch. When we get 2011 it is so old already, no one really wants to go "Happy New Year", they just want to go to bed. So we had a fake New Year according to Spanish time, that is at 3 p.m pacific time.

We got the grapes out, you are supposed to eat one for each ding-dong but we only managed to get to number seven before we giggled too much, a bottle of Miller High Life, it says "the Champagne of bears", so it is more than suitable and connected with our family in Spain to ring the new year in. It is nice to be able to be so close to people that are very far away.

Happy New Fake Year!!

My family is stuck in a cottage in the middle of the woods, so I couldn't speak to them, but we had ourselves a herring lunch as our Swedish family tradition dictates.

Happy New Year everyone!!

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