Dec 28, 2010

The land of the breakfast

Yes, I know, this is the land of the free, the land of everything larger than life, the land of opportunity and so on. But to me, it will be always the land of the breakfast. The States is of course also more known on the culinary map as the land of Fast Food, and trust me, there is nothing like a burger at Rouge on Washington Square every now and then.

However they are far behind the breakfasts, I could live on the American breakfasts, I could have it in the morning, midday and at night. There is something about the way they mix eggs, sausages and potatoes, and the pancakes, don't even get me started...

My Golden Gate baby

Today we headed north to have a look at the Golden Gate and later off to Sausalito, which has the best breakfasts in California. Trust my word, I have been here for a month! The place is called The Lighthouse, and is this tiny place with amazing good made by Mexicans with a hairnet, and the waitress is Danish. This is all American!!

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