Dec 12, 2010

Pinch me, but not too much

When I was thinking about living in San Francisco in my head, I imagined days just like today. Today I had a lovely Sunday afternoon with my girls, starting off with a walk to Pier 69 with candied apples, merry go round and Christmas carols included.

Size is everything!

Merry go round

Any lefty's out there!?!?

It was far from a nice day, a bit chilly and windy just like it should be to make it seem like a winter day. So to warm up, a coffee/hot chocolate in Washington Square and later a beer at Cafe Trieste to get even warmer, we don't to get a cold now do we?!?

While chatting we remembered a very nice stationary shop (yes, it does not sound cool at all when you say it like that but if you would see it, you would understand; loads of beautiful, small, unnecessary things) just around the corner; Lola North Beach.

We managed to go out only having bought half of the shop. To finish off, we went just in front to a baby shop where we got some building blocks (my Christmas gift to Leah, but don't say anything!), a "sippy cup" (love the sound of it!) and some great recommendations for baby sitters and classes for babies, including music and yoga.

What else can I ask for?!?

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