Dec 12, 2010

Nob Hill

So, as you all know we have finally moved to our house in Nob Hill in San Francisco. The apartment is still half empty, or half full if you are having that kind of day, so let's look what is outside the front door.

Hotel Huntington

It is still very soon, but I like this part of town a lot! There are things that I am sure I will complain about in six months time, like the constant noise from the cable cars (it passes just outside out window) or the hills that are very sharp, especially when you are walking with a stroller. But who cares, I prefer to wave to the tourists in the cable cars from the kitchen, and when walking up all sweaty think about the muscles I am getting. Yes, I am newly in love so I will just loose myself in the eyes of this place and walk around on my pink cloud!

Grace Cathedral

What I like the most is Huntington square, it is filled with old style hotels where you image Al Capone having a drink in the bar, and the 1930 feeling you get walking around is yet another reason why I should start wearing suit everyday... someday... I can't wait to take Silvia to have a "Gin Tonic" in the hotel bar, we should have a "San Francisco" I guess but it is non-alcoholic...

Mark Hopkins Hotel

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