Dec 13, 2010

No doubt about it!

I am sure you all remember the historical moment when the first steps were taken, and I am not talking about Armstrong and we are still in 2010. I agree that these are the kind of "proud dad moments" that we dads just have to tell everybody like it was the first time it every happened in the history of mankind, and I also agree that someone might have their doubts whether or not Leah is really starting to walk or not.

Is taking four steps before falling down considered walking? How many steps does she have to take before we can all agree that she is walking? What came first, the bird or the egg?

Luckily we don't have to start a discussion as this following video gives evidence to a lot of things;
-Leah can walk
-Leah can stop, reach down for the phone and continue forward
-Leah is without a doubt a woman as she can walk and chew on the phone at the same time!
-Leah prefers daddy's phone which is why she smiles when she sees it and goes full engine forward to grab it.

Dear Judge, jury, I rest my case!

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