Dec 10, 2010

All heil to Ikea

I am sitting in the living room of our house listening to Boris Vian. I will repeat that because it sounds so good - our house! Today we moved out of the temporary housing on Baker Street and we are now officially moved in on Taylor Street.

So today has been all about moving stuff, taking stuff out of boxes and putting stuff together. I am not sure what to think about Ikea; it is really helpful and they have nice furniture to a nice price, but when you are trying to put them together you can't help to feel like killing someone.
Choose one, we have all sizes!!

Of course Leah was as happy as a child (!?!) with a lot of boxes, plastic wrapping, screws and nuts to shew on. There was even a point when we started to suspect she had eaten some screws to the chairs, luckily the chairs hold together (for now) and Leah seems to be ok, so if she ate them, they are only given her more iron I guess...

Still it is a weird feeling, that being in an empty apartment feels better than being at the other, fully furnished, I guess because this is our home now. And if you wonder how life is without Internet, after one day, it is great, because someone has their wi-fi open so we have internet for free at home!

The scene after the battle

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