Dec 14, 2010

Interior design

Don't tell anyone, but I have always liked interior design. I have never really got around trying it as I have always lived in apartments that were already furnished. However this time around we are facing a completely empty apartment, a master piece yet to be painted, it is so empty there is even an echo.

So what to do, what style to go for? Modern, romantic, retro? The answer is quite simple: Beritism. If you are not familiar with the period in the history of design, it stems from norther Sweden, it centers around furniture being stylish, not useful, it strongly resents anything not fashionable even stepping foot in the house and if it has to be in the house, it can't be visible and is named after its founder; my aunt Berit.

Living room

So when we now start to slowly but surely add furniture, I have my aunt's apartment in my head, trying to get that perfect balance between retro and modern stuff, and always just plain beautiful things. That is why I first put my wife and daughter in the house.

Master bed room

The cable cars are the final touch, I though they would look good when you are looking out from the windows. Took some work to get them in place, but was totally worth it!

A cable car, or "ding ding ding" as Leah would say

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