Dec 15, 2010

Getting into the spirit

I kind of thought that this year I would have little or no holiday spirit. For the past years in Spain I tended to get less and less holiday tingle in December, even though I love Christmas. I guess the fact that Christmas is supposed to be cold and snowy and exactly like it was when I was a kid surely has something to do with it. So surprisingly this year I find myself walking around humming "Santa Claus is coming to town", I order a hot apple cider at Starbucks and is even thinking about leaving a huge beard...

I walked by Union Square today, and there were kids singing carols, men with bells ringing in Christmas (they were really bringing in money to the salvation army, but my version is nicer) which I only thought existed in the movies, and the Christmas lights were all around, in the all American tradition; "more is more".

Union Square Christmas tree

I am starting to think that the views we had from our temporary housing, and the views we now have when we are walking around Nob Hill is also making me get into the holiday spirit, watching the cable car run by dressed in Christmas ornaments with the lights from downtown creating the perfect Christmas lights in the background.

Views from Taylor street

I can't wait for Silvia's dad and sister, and my sister and her boyfriend, to come and spend Christmas here with us, in the old fashion way; full house, food and Frank Sinatra singing in Christmas, kind of like when I was a kid...

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