Nov 17, 2010

Going way out west

I have traveled about ten times over the Atlantic ocean by now, and even though I am no huge fan of flying, I don't tend to worry too much. Well, this time I was a complete nerve-wreck! How would Leah act during 12 hours of flying? Would we get problems entering with our Visa's in the US? Is one hour really enough to change planes in Zurich?

SwissAir baby

Of course, the trip went just fine! Leah acted as she hadn't done anything else but flying in her short life, which is not far from the truth; Iceland and New York while in mom's belly, and Portugal, Italy, Sweden and now the US in her first 11 months - too bad children under two cannot get millage...

In first class you get a massage while sleeping

So while Leah spent most time just sleeping, her parents were looking at the watch every two seconds thinking "my god, eight more hours to go!". Finally we got there though, and the feeling of getting out of the plane and being able to walk and breath air made you forget about the long flight. The gentlemen in the passport control in San Francisco airport was very kind, our baggage was literally waiting for us - "excuse me, is this your stroller?". Now off to get the rental car, because if you have traveled across the world with a toddler, the next step of course is to get into a car in rush hour to find our temporary apartment - why do it simple?

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