Nov 28, 2010

Going shopping

One of the things I love to do when out traveling is to go food shopping. It is something about seeing what they eat in each country that tickles my imagination, and most of all, I just love the latest trend of more upscale food and gourmet shops with completely unnecessary but wonderful things for your kitchen.

There are a couple of great places here in San Francisco to go food shopping, our two favorites so far are Whole Foods and Trader's Joe.

Most things are organic, the fruit and vegetables are very nice and the best things are the pots and cans the stuff come in. How can you resist buying a "Vintage Cola" or "Mac and cheese" when it comes in these shapes?!?

We use it to decorate the kitchen

It actually tastes good as well...


  1. Let me tell you that your blog rocks, Mr Daddy.

    Lots of love from here :)

    Elia + Pablo

  2. Whole Foods es la bomba, snif snif...