Nov 22, 2010

New stroller!

Planning! A lot of planning! Tons of planning! That is what we have done lately. We were facing moving to the United States with a Leah. What do you take with you? And what do you send later? Later being one month as our stuff is at this very second on a boat hopefully safely sailing towards the US. So we have thought, and planned, and talked, and planned some more, and still, there are things that you don't think of.

For example, we did not think of the massive hills over here, and the fact that Silvia needs to be able to take the bus. It is not like in Europe, when you go on the bus you need to fold the stroller, thing that you can do with our current one, but it is big and ends up in two pieces. So, we had to buy a new one. So we went off to "Kid's our us!" and came back with a McLaren stroller. I wanted a Ferrari...

I am quite happy about the stroller, and even more so that I managed to take a picture just when she wasn't crying (she fell a sleep about 10 seconds later). She also has a new winter jacket, we might be in sunny California, but it is cold these days! We got the puffy "I look like a Michelin" version, or the "I look like I am on sale in a Hello Kitty store in China Town". Choose your favorite.

Dad, I can't move, seriously...

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