Nov 21, 2010

Land of the paperwork

I promise you, that if someone makes me fill out another form, I will go crazy! We have spent three months doing paperwork, and the fun just continues. After one week in the US;

-Social security number; the waiting time was two hours, luckily one man (dad, grand father and great grand father...) had mercy on us and waived us over whispering a “this is no place for a small child to be”. And he was right. The place was full of people, and if you would have counted the imaginary persons that half of the people were talking to, the place was packed!

-Credit card; doing stuff without a credit card in the US is not too easy, so had to apply for one.

-Zipcar; the greatest idea ever! You get a card, you go to a parking lot where they have Zipcar. You place the card on the lock and it reads you reservation, and the car opens! You rent it by hour, perfect for us to go shopping, or taking a day trip. Of course, to get one, you need a statement from the Swedish police registry.

-Checks; the greatest country on earth they say. Well, as long as you use checks, that just makes it impossible to be the greatest. Seriously, this is 2010, who uses checks?!?!

-Apartment applications; applying for an apartment is like entering Miss World. You have to make an application stating work, education, friends, boss, shoe size, favorite color, the birth year of the first president of the United States...

Please, let me pass one day without filling out a form!!!

To celebrate, we had a burger!

Stop messing dad, give it to me!

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