Aug 18, 2013

Beware; Parents With Camera

What is it with parents and the need to communicate when their kids do things that millions of other kids have done, and will do in the future? A parade of photos and videos of burping, eating, sitting, walking and talking kids with hysterically proud parents announcing it like if it was the cure for cancer. 

In my mind, when your child is born, you have in your arm this tiny person, so small, so fragile, and so completely dependant on you to take care of it. And for some reason, this image get stuck in your mind. So whenever your child does something, burp, eat, sit or similar, you remember that tiny, fragile person that now can stick peas into his or hers nose by themselves.

So obviously, when Mr Bear not only is sitting in the high chair for the first time, and eating with a spoon, his hysterically proud dad takes out the camera and announces it to the world like if it was the cure for cancer. And a cute one.

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