Feb 17, 2013

The Hula Hoop Theory

Like Forrest Gump once so wisely said; 'Life is like a hula hoop;  circular, difficult to control, spinning round and round til the point that you at time feel nauseous, but yet too delightful not to run after it to catch it, laughing'. Or was he talking about chocolate...? 

It is a worn out phrase to use, but it is true; 'the only constant is change', kind of like the trajectory of a hula hoop. Given this, it is weird that something that permanent in our surrounding also makes most people, including myself, feel so uncomfortable. We should be used to it by now. 

There is a lot of change on the horizon, as always. Since I met Sexy Mom, we have managed to get married in Vegas, move house six times, get a total of six tattoos, have a daughter, change continent and even crazier, I even got a mustache. Now we are just weeks away from child number two, and it is a lot of feelings mixed together; longing to hold him, tension to when it will happen, fear that everyone will be ok, and some freaking out to what we are getting into!

At that point the best thing is just to run after the hula hoop like crazy and laugh. 

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