Dec 10, 2012

The Farmer's Market

In the department of 'surprising culinary delights', I have to confess that I am a complete sucker for sugar peas. I cannot stop. Opening a bag of fresh, crisp sugar peas sends me straight into 'Cookie Monster'-mode, and I will not stop until I have devoured each and every single one of them. This obsession is only similar to my love for potato chips, but in healthy. 

As a kid back in Sweden, I would spend the summers at my grand father's old house in the middle of nowhere, only surrounded by a big forrest and a big lake to fish and swim in. Yes, it is exactly as picturesque as it sounds. One of my favorite things as a five year-old would be to run down barefoot in the damp grass to the garden and 'steal' some sugar peas. Heavenly delight! 

The closest thing to a garden in a forrest next to a lake in the northern Sweden you can find in San Francisco is the neighborhood 'Farmer's market', where local producers sell their crops directly to the public, which has become a Sunday tradition. It is not quite as picturesque, there is a higher portion of hipsters to be seen and stealing is not a good idea, however the taste is pretty close, or at least closer, to 'real' food.  


Miss Cupcake already has her itinerary made out; stop at the cheese stand and turn on the puppy eyes until she gets a piece to try, than to the bread stand for a bun, and last but not least, to the fruit stand to try a strawberry. 

Fun fact; we have never bought sugar peas. 

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