Jul 8, 2012

The First Love

Back a couple of years ago (where 'a couple' already sum up to ten and I feel older each day) I went to see my cousin that was in town with her then 2 year old-ish daughter Elin. I ring the door bell, open the door and Elin spots me instantly; she reaches out her arms insisting that she must be taken to the man that just walked into the door. 

Just too much of a hunk!

I clumsily take her, somehow managing not to drop her, and she made herself comfortable. I am not going to say that I am completely hopeless when it comes to attracting the attention of a lady, but it was definitely the first time a girl cried when I went to the bathroom. I must ask my wife why she never does that...

Miss Cupcake is having a moment of love at first sight with our friend Pablo that is visiting from Spain. She says his name the same way as a fourteen year old with Bieber fever, laughs at all of his jokes and plays hard to catch... when playing catch. 

He is, and will always be for her, 'my Pablo'.

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