Jun 1, 2012

Time to Move On

Leaving your child to a daycare or a babysitter, as a concept, really goes against everything that a parent is programmed to do (apart from worrying that is). Just think about it. Does leaving the single most important thing to you to a complete stranger sound like a good idea? It is an idea at the level of giving a flamethrower to your kid and leaving the room. 

Obviously it is an insane idea! They could be manic psycho killers, and most likely are, if you apply the parent filter of trust that makes us view the world as a place full of dangers. We end up leaving our kids to the school teachers anyways, facing the fact that they will most likely give them guns, drugs and worst of all, teach them to like reggaeton. 

In this sense we have been incredibly lucky, from the babysitters like Kylee, that we consider family even though she is at fault of making Miss Cupcake talk with that aaawesome California accent, or the Little Bee Daycare that Miss Cupcake attended during a bit more than a year. I talk in past tense, because today was the last day as she will start at different daycare starting Monday. 

I still remember the panic of leaving her the first days, only to see the pictures coming in of her covered in finger paint, reading books, bossing around the other kids (don't blame me, she gets it from her mom...) or diving deeper into her mandarin studies. 

We just want to thank them for simply being great with our Cupcake and for throwing the goodbye party (and for not being manic psycho killers).

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