Apr 29, 2012

Go with what Van Halen Says

Our 'Guides to Surviving Modern Life and its Challenges' covers all spectra of everyday trails human kind encounters from cupcake eating, pizza making, time negotiation, playground show downs and lip tango.  

You're welcome by the way. We are simply happy to help. Today, we like to cover the simple art of changing level.

1. Count to three. Going any further has a tendency to distract you from what you are supposed to do. 
2. Don't fall off if someone from nowhere screams 'jump' and scares the shit out of you.
3. Don't listen to that someone urging you to jump. What, if all of your friends would jump off of a cliff, would you do the same? Eih, dad?!? 
4. Bend your knees. This might not be heavy lifting, but the same theory applies, no?
5. Walk away like nothing. Yes, the jump was awesome. Yes, the landing was gracious. But you are just 'that' good. 

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