Oct 10, 2011

In the Navy

Ever since the first time I saw the picture of the soldier kissing a woman in Times Square, it was clear to me that there is something about women and men in uniform. Some kind of magnetism. 

Don't get me wrong, I can definitely appreciate a woman in uniform, the same way I appreciate a woman in a nurse outfit, a bikini (obviously), an astronaut suit, a dress with high-heels, low heels or barefoot, cleavage or turtleneck, a farmer overall, heck, even a worn out t-shirt and jeans - basically I discriminate no outfit as long as there is a female inside it. 

However women get that look on their face when there are men in uniforms around. 'Yummy' they seem to think. Fleet week is the perfect scenario if uniforms awakens your appetite as San Francisco is invaded by the U.S. Navy. Mostly you notice it, or mainly hear it, as there are air shows all weekend making the house shake. The streets are also full of men in uniform, with the little cute white hat. Not exactly at the level of fire fighters in my book, but sure, it is a uniform. 

I am lucky though that my lovely wife do not get caught up in the hysteria around the navy, instead we enjoyed the... 

What? She was spotted doing what with who?!? 

Ah well, now I know what outfit to get for Halloween...

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