Aug 21, 2011

Boston; Hot, Hot, Heat!

If you look up 'Sunday' in Wikipedia it is defined as 'the day between Saturday and Monday'. So no, that did not help very much to sell this post as being something of interest you should read today. Marketing was never my strongest side. Just studied it for five years. 

My point is however, that Sunday is not a day you should relax as imposed by religion. It is more a notion of Sunday as a concept of any day where you just relax in a very relaxing way. Not relaxing in the 'watching TV all day' kind of way. More like wake up late, get some breakfast (eggs Benedict of course) go to the park and read to later fall asleep. That kind of Sunday. Could happen a Tuesday. Very unlikely to happen on a Wednesday.

Then things got a bit out of hand at the 'Blue Man Group' show. If you go into a theater and get handed a plastic poncho, you are in trouble. If later you are handed a handbag with the instructions; ' it is to be used five minutes into the show. Just hold it and you will be fine'. Why are you telling me I will be fine? Is there a possibility of not being fine?!? I was fine. Just covered in some kind of apple substance. This does not happen in California. 

Later we got a beer and were quickly back into Sunday mode.

Two beer later I was all of a sudden in Friday mode. Ups!

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