Aug 20, 2011

Boston; Choose 'Tea Party', 'City' or 'Pop Group'

You know the song 'Perfect Day' by Lou Reed? You know, it is just a perfect day, eating ice cream in the park (it is against law to drink sangria, or any other alcoholic beverages, in  public in the state of Massachusetts), and then later, when it gets dark, we go to have some Thai food, because it is a way too lovely night to go home already.

Because it was just one of those days. Maybe because I woke up at 10.30 (as a parent, if I have to choose between getting a massage by three naked women feeding me grapes, or sleep late, I will, without a doubt, choose the second one... seriously), or because it was sunny and warm, or because Boston is a lovely city, or because I spent most day giggling and gossiping with my sister. Or most likely, a mix of all of them.

I enjoy Boston because of the of very old historic buildings, surrounded by modern skyscrapers. The fact that the city breaths history, of course makes it not feel American at all. Then you encounter the Christmas shop selling hamburger ornaments, and you are quickly reminded where you are.

My man Frankie as Christmas ornament

Best moments of the day? Probably the Cucumber Mojito at the Top of the Hub. Now to bed. Don't bother contacting me before 10.30.

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  1. I love Boston to, and I love both of you. LOLO