Jul 19, 2011

You can even smell the inteligence

My sister, and Miss Cupcake's aunt ('tita') is currently at Harvard University over in Boston. Yes. I got the looks and she got the brains. This of course made us feel a bit like spies as we entered the University of California in Berkley, and I had to fight the urge to scream 'Go Harvard!'. This would not have made much difference given that there was no one there. I guess that all students were at home studying, because there is no reason to be at the beach on a sunny Sunday when you can hit the books, right?

Enter the world of knowledge

Two things struck me as we were walking around the campus; it looked more like ancient Rome than a university campus. I was also kind of disappointed that although I was on the lookout, John Belushi did not jump out from around a corner wearing a toga like in the movie 'Animal House'. Because let's face it, US universities are most famous for their frat house movies!

My CAL girls

No, it is not Rome... (The Library)

The Zoology

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