Jul 20, 2011

'Bra Musik'

Sure. It is just me, being 'paranoid'. But you are hereby warned. 'You can run but you cannot hide' will sound like a walk in the park compared to what is waiting for us. Something is going on. A plot. They are coming. Big brother is watching. It starts with plumbers with suspicious surnames and is followed by seals of some strange knight order just a block away from your house, the headquarter maybe? They are here and they are listening. Waiting.

They are slowly taking over, and the assembly of your own furniture was only the first step of a diabolic plan to take over the world. You though it was cheap and easy. They entered tracking devices in your homes. I hope you like 'Dancing Queen'. You don't believe me? How do you otherwise explain posters made by a Japanese artists sold in San Francisco with messages that for sure have a deeper, darker meaning. Sure, 'good music' sounds great and fun, but in the future it will for sure be used to brainwash the population with yet another Roxette best of album. I warned you. Don't let them into your house!

P.S Bought this poster to put next to the record collection. Too cool!

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