Jun 1, 2011

Giro di Taylor Street

We are locals at Huntington Park, we go there whenever we are at home with Miss Cupcake as it is close to our place, full of kids and dogs, and a perfect place for a Duracell rabbit look-a-like to lower the energy levels somewhat.

I tend to go there carrying Miss Cupcake, she plays and later we walk back the two of us. It is downhill on the way back, easier for toddler legs. It is around 500 meters to walk home. Takes around 40 minutes.

This is the route:

55 meters
1. Stop to check the turtle (they have a statue of a turtle if you peak in)

135 meters
2. Try to open this door, and a number of others (one time she rang the doorbell. We ran.)

205 meters
3. Stop at the local grocery store to check the flowers (and pull them off).

350 meters
4. Check for rocks in each tree. If there are any, pick them up and take them home.

425 meters
5. Run down this entry to the garage. Best part of the entire trip.

500 meters
6. ...and forty minutes later - home!

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  1. Yes...been there done that. Loved it.