May 1, 2011

The train goes choo choo

Kids are made for running in parks, sliding down slides or swinging in swings. Not do boring adult stuff like standing in line at the bank office, behave while grocery shopping or sit still in a seat, on a train for example.

We are not taking a walk, she is fleeing

The other day Miss Cupcake was lucky enough to go with mom to the Kids Day at eBay. On their way back, Mr Daddy was waiting at the Mountain View train station so we all could go back to San Francisco. Miss Cupcake was already kind of tired when I got on, and it didn't get better. She transformed from solid materia into liquid, wiggling out of any intent from her parents to keep her seated.

When we finally got home, what felt like hours, we felt like having been in a fight with a cat... and lost.

Miss Hudini

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