May 2, 2011

Surf's up!

[enter Beach Boys song of choice]

If I say California you might think sun, beaches and surf. If you ask us, we would probably say Ikea in Oakland, Social Security office on 7th street and paperwork. However, we are getting there little by little. This weekend was all about just what it should be - sun, beach and surfing (if you replace that with eating ice cream).

Artificial colors anyone?

As a authentic surfer, we tool the Toyota Hybrid car and cruised down highway 280 until coming to Santa Cruz, which is a small town with a beach and a huge amusement park just next to the beach. I felt like we were in a college movie, preparing to go to the prep party and eat deep fried corn dogs (or deep fried whatever). I did get to go to the beach with the prom queen though...

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