May 4, 2011

Sticky Fingers

Writing this blog entry I remember a friend of mine, he works for a small start up called Google or something similar, I wish them the best of luck!, who wears a t-shirt with the text "Internet is for porn". It defines technology really, because even though you can do great things with Internet, most of it, almost all of it, is junk, or people saying what they are having for lunch.

There are really useful things though, like for hysterical parents that all of a sudden have a big girl that is going to kindergarten. We are going the best we can to stay calm and not freak out of the fact that we have to trust a daycare with our little jewel, so the photos they send over the day are really comforting, especially if they look like this one:

First I thought she was having a pacifier. She is not. She was painting. This one is already a classic in the section of "sticky pictures", alongside this one.

P.S. If you spot the tribute to the Rolling Stones, you win a price...

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