Apr 16, 2011

Santa Monica

I have been down to Santa Monica for three days, Yahoo! has an office there and I have been had some training sessions with the editors. Work stuff. Boring.

The good thing about a trip to Los Angeles, is that the office is very close to the beach, so after work, you can take a stroll along the boardwalk, and head out to the Santa Monica Pier where there is nothing more than shops for tourists, but the views of the bay are nice.

Pamela, save me!

I also went over to Venice beach, which is close by, but was negatively surprised by the state of the beach, that has a much more extravagant cling to its name than reality displays. Gone were the barbies and the Swarchenegger look-a-likes, and left are the beach bums and the drug addicts. The beach is great though, and I can't wait to go come down here with the girls, run around on the beach and go down to Hollywood and be all glamour and fashion. In the end, we are the Beckhams of Silicon Valley...

Santa Monica Pier

The attractions on the pier

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