Apr 21, 2011

Daycare party

Miss Cupcake is getting older. I should add a "I still remember when she was so small...". Even though it is that very moment that you start rolling your eyes when your parents speak about your childhood memories, it is happening, and she is not even two years old. Now she is sleeping in her own room and she is starting daycare next week!

Fort Mason Community Garden

To start off slowly, we attended the "Little Bee Spring party" last weekend, where we met parents and future class mates. The party was set in the garden of Fort Mason, a beautiful place to have a picnic. People we spoke to were really happy with the daycare, so it seems like the perfect place. Leah was really friendly, giving food to all the adults and dancing to the band that was playing music.

Rocking and a rolling

She did not really have her day with the rest of the kids and ended up trying the take the other kids toys, not wanting to share hers and slapping a kid over the face. Sigh. To her defense, she had not slept anything that day and were a bit cranky, at least with people her size... So in the end, it might be a good idea for her to go to daycare.

"How you doin?!?"

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