Mar 5, 2011

Sweet sixteen

In case you did not know, I work as Head of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at Yahoo! Inc in Sunnyvale, California. I have worked for the company almost six years now, starting with a six month contract in Madrid in Spain. The famous banana peel syndrome. I just realized the other day that they don't use that expression in the US when I mentioned it at work and people had trouble understanding the "things that happen by accident" analogy.

The big difference between working in Europe and the US for the same country, apart from having more resources over here, is the company culture. People are very proud of working for Yahoo!, or whatever company they work for, and walk around with t-shirts with the company logo. So the sixteenth birthday of the company the other day was kind of a big deal, with purple colored cupcakes. A friend of mine said "now you can legally drink in most European countries", and I answered "but keep you hands under control as we are not 18 yet...".

I guess I got carried away by the company spirit, or maybe it was the fact that I needed a mug to drink water, so I went down to the company store (there is one on campus!) and got myself a plastic mug. It came with instructions:

1: Take of the cap
2: Pour in the drink
3: If the drink is hot, be careful as you may burn yourself
4: Enjoy!

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