Mar 2, 2011

Being young again

...or at least feeling somewhat younger. Having a kid is by far the greatest thing I have ever done. Having a kid is also the most exhausting experience I have ever had, especially if you throw in moving to the US in the middle of the mix. Silvia and I have had many incredible experiences the last year (we still ask ourselves if we really are living in San Francisco), and we have also had many moments where taking a step more feels like climbing a mountain.

San Francisco is a city with tons of bars and restaurants, and walking home on a Friday seeing people just starting the night, there is always a part of you that would like to come along and party like it is 1999, or at least 2009. Now that grandma is here, we can finally find some time for just the two of us, going out for dinner and a beer and not talk too much about Leah.

And the other night, I have to agree that we did a high five when the bar closed and pushed us out of the door. We still rock! We are still able to stay out late and keep the rhythm of the young people!

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