Feb 12, 2011

Muir Woods

It is Saturday and time for an excursion! Face the car north, drive for an hour, avoid vomiting on the serpentine highway up the mountain and you will find yourself in Muir Woods; home of the red wood. It is called red wood because they are trees, and they are red. Just wanted to clarify that. Has nothing to do with communism.

Walking around in the woods surrounded by gigantic wood (sorry about the joke, hopefully you don't get it...) I had three sensations; it reminded a lot of being home in Sweden, it also reminded me of the giant walking threes in the movie Lord of the Ring, and it reminded me of being in New York as you walk looking up all the time and end up bumping in to stuff (the Renstrom syndrome, remember?). Great place though, can't wait to bring my girls here.

Big threes, small people

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