Jan 29, 2011

The Tunnel

We go to Huntington Park almost everyday; it is great as it is just three blocks away (see, starting to talk like an American by now...), Leah can run off all the energy she has chasing dogs or other kids, and it is the official route to make Leah sleep (very rarely she is not sleeping after one lap around the square).

Today was no different, even though the weather was far from inviting, we tool a stroll down to the park. Today Leah learned to play with the tunnel, she does not dare to go in, but she found it very funny to say hi from the other side.

She can also now walk from home to the park, again, three blocks away. Usually it takes 5 minutes to walk, with Leah walking it takes twenty minutes; everything has to be explored, dogs need to be chased and of course she has to attend her fans (at least one "Oh my god, she is soooo cute", and she fires off one of her best smile!).

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