Jan 14, 2011

I want a doll!

Silvia has always been a woman concerned with details, she always remembers these little things in life that makes you feel special, always makes presents to people while I cannot remember the birthday of most of them, always finds the small things that puts the dot over the letter i.

The other day I got this; 100 wishes. Think about it, what a gift! It is a great responsibility, I have 100 wishes to use over the year, it seems like a lot but I don't want to waste them the first month.

What should I wish for? A hamburger down at Rouge, to sleep until ten, to be left at Amoeba Records and be picked up two hours later, a foot massage, a bottle of Malbec wine, a trip to Chicago, tickets to go see a San Jose Sharks ice hockey match, a dinner with Silvia, a Gin Tonic at the Top of the Mark?

I might just wish for it all!!

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