Jan 15, 2011

"As time goes by"

I am getting older, which I try to look at as something positive from the point of view that you are allowed to do certain things as you are now not a teenager anymore (thank god!); forget why you entered the room, complain about backache, talk about the weather, fall asleep in front of the television (if we had one) and use the magic phrase "I remember when you...", which I plan to use on my daughter as much as I can. But I mean come on, look how small she was!!

And now she is already one year, and I remember when she was just newborn and we were running around like crazy. That is still the case, but we do it in a more organized manner now. Everyone go clockwise.

This is my baby nowadays:
  • Vacabulary:
  • ma ma = mom
  • pa pa = daddy
  • ñam ñam = wow, that is tasty!
  • titta = look! (always accompanied with pointing, usually at five things at the same time)
  • ffffffff = the sound of an airplane
  • pumpa - ta - ba-ba = cablecar - look, there it is - bye, bye (what else?)
  • When she is silent it means that she is doing something somewhere she is not supposed to
  • She loves to try food, but her initial reaction is always that of complete disgust before asking for more
  • Favorite food include broccoli, potato chips, yogurt and anything with Tabasco on it...
  • Favorite toys include the mirror, mom's cosmetics, building blocks (to chew on) and books (turning page, not actually reading them of course)
  • She has a tendency to crawl under the table, stand up, hurt herself, stand up again, hurt herself again, stand up again... Until someone pulls her out of there. Stubborn? Naaaa
  • She pretends to sneeze and then cracks up

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  1. Hej Markus!
    Jag är urusel på att kommentera men läser förtjust din dagbok från over there. Tack för att du delar med dig av sånt som händer och av alla fina bilder på underverket Leah. Finns det något du saknar från Sverige som inte finns där? Förutom snus då möjligtvis men det är ju rakt inte lika gentlemannamässigt som att röka cigarr. ;-)
    Stor kram från Lena (på ett gråslaskigt Värmdö)