Dec 7, 2010

Life in a box

For the last month we have been living on the road. Only having our clothes basically has meant that we have had to buy new stuff, or use our imagination.

Most of our stuff was boxed and shipped a month ago and is just about to get to the Oakland harbor on Thursday. The new furniture we have bought is being shipped this week, but we have not been given an exact hour, they can come anytime all day. So poor Silvia is stuck with Leah in an empty apartment waiting for UPS to show up.

Luckily she has that McGyver gene all mothers seem to have, so when Leah got a bit sleepy, no need to worry. Just take the box with the dining table, the newly bought quilt supposed to be used for people that comes to visit and voila – you got yourself a bed! Note the bed tables made up of the new sheets...!!

King size baby bed

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