Apr 20, 2013

The Chaos Theory

One of my all-time favorite radio shows is 'Hassan', a prank call show back in Sweden. One call that stuck with me was when they called the association 'Parents against drugs' claiming to be from 'Parents for drugs' asking for a debate (they did not get one). In this call, they state the slogan of the association to be "chaos is a  neighbor to God".

This very much summarizes the current state at our house. Chaos is very much present, and only a second away, not to God maybe, but at least to the closest thing we have to 'tranquility'. A perfect morning can end up in tears, shouting and mayhem simply because 'the light was shining through the window' (this actually happened).

At these moments it is important to remember that chaos is our neighbor, very much present, will pop by at any time, but also, very important, leave as quickly as it came. And then, we are back to just being quiet and peaceful... for a second.

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