Mar 19, 2013

Spot the Cupcake and the Bear

About the only thing that unites people independent of culture, skin color or language, it must be the joy of comparing, and possibly making a list of the results later. Blondes or brunettes? (brunettes, obviously). Wine or beer? (wine, obviously). Rock or pop? (rock, obviously).

Now that our lives have been enriched with Mr Bear, it is impossible to not start to compare him with Miss Cupcake at the same age. The first conclusion is that Mr Daddy is getting old as the memory is not what it used to be...

Apart from character and gestures, the first step is obviously the appearance. Like for example that Mr Bear is already using the hand-me-downs from his big sister. He should count himself lucky as we are not going for the pink stuff... yet.  

Anyways; I leave it up to you - do they look alike? Or maybe I should start by asking; can you spot the Cupcake from the Bear?

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