Mar 10, 2013

How to Start the Show

I shouldn't say that getting pregnant is 'easy', however the process is definitely... let's say 'entertaining', meaning I don't really mind if it takes a bit of time in being successful. I will do it for the team. Now, in week 39, the process is all about waiting. No red wine. No Barry White. No nothing. Just waiting. Asking ourselves; will today maybe be the day? 

The answer so far to that question is no. So if you made a bet, most of you lost. So the most entertaining thing now is to test all the possible tricks we know of that is said to get labor started. We have tried it all; long walks, spicy food, yoga positions, Barry White, foot massages, 'doing-things-where-labor-would-not-fit-into-the-schedule' (I went to an ice-hockey game in San Jose). Conclusions so far; they don't work. At all. 

We are so keen on holding out little baby that we tried a Merry Go Round. Maybe he would get dizzy... Doesn't matter really, as it did not work. But it was fun. Like having babies is. Just need to get them delivered. 

1 comment:

  1. Round & round & round. No sé de qué me suena... ;-)
    Yo todavía estoy a tiempo de ganar, dije el sábado, pero la verdad es que prefiero que ganes tú y que sea hoy.

    C'mon Björn! ¡Que tenemos muchas ganas de verte aunque sea por skype!

    Muchos besos para toda la familia.