Jan 18, 2013

How I met your father - Part II

Well, it's Friday. And let's say my week has not been the brightest and shiniest. But, after having a cherry on top in the form of a hacked email account, I've decided that this weekend should only get better from here.

And that has gotten me thinking about the good old times - or when Markus used to DJ every Friday or Saturday night at a bar in Madrid. Yeah, even Mamma and Leah helped when Daddy needed a break:

So, I don't think there's a best way to celebrate a Friday than dancing. These are actual tunes that you could hear when the Mister was up there.


Now, this song apparently was never released in an album. And if memory doesn't fail me, it was Markus' first ever iTunes purchase. Oh good old 2008 days. 

Another classic:

Now, this song is very 2000s. I can't remember if this was actually the one he used to choose... but I like and will make me dance.

And last but not least... one I choose. I am going to tell a story that is going to make me look a bit dumb. But anyway, that's what blogs are for - it's better to step up and DIY. One of the first times we were DJing one girl approached me and asked me: "Can you play something by Daft Punk?". Me, being nice said "Of course". I played this one... It wasn't until half way through the song that I realized that this wasn't Daft Punk. Oh well, quite close.

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