Jul 1, 2012

Always Talk About the Weather

"-It's cold outside! Put on your beanie!" If you are from Sweden, or at least the northern part where we actually have a winter, you have heard this statement a million times, alongside other classics such as "there are no bad weather, only bad clothes" or "behave or Ikea will come and make you do Billy book cases!".
My point, because there is one, is that bad weather has always been around as long as I can remember, and you just adapt to it. This instinct has slowly been erased after too many years in the constant sun of Spain, only to quickly re-surge in when coming to San Francisco simply to be able to survive the moody weather (difficult to not add a joke about the similarity between the weather and woman here. Must... not... give... in...) that goes from sun to windy to freezing foggy in a matter of hours. 

So after last year I had given up on the closest thing we get to summer here, and put on the typical San Francisco gear whenever it is time to go out (read: layers, lots of layers). This works perfect, except on days like this one that ends up actually being warm and sunny.

So I enjoyed an amazing summer day with a picnic at the beach, a stroll alongside the water and an ice cream wearing clothes suitable for chopping treas in the Canadian woods. At least I scored high hipster points, which in the end is what matters. 

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