Feb 8, 2012

Shit a Swede Says

There are certain things you expect from everyday. This also implies that there are things you do not expect; like two adults working on their sunburn naked at the street corner, a man dressed as a panda on the beach, or spotting whales on the Friday afternoon walk. 

Of course, all of these incidences fall into the category of "things to expect", at least in San Francisco, as they are all things that I have seen lately. And I have adopted the local people's view on it; hey, it's normal - welcome to California.  

I guess we have been here long enough to start to pick up what is expected of this city, its character and the one of its inhabitants, to the point where I really appreciate a video like this one; "Shit San Franciscans Say". My favorites include:

-"I wish it was warm enough to swim".
-"Let's grab a Zipcar and go to Ikea".
-"I have this great idea for an App". 

Yes, it is a crrrrrazy city!

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