Feb 5, 2012

The Book of the Day

A picture says more than a thousand words, correct? Considering the economic downturn it is probably about 750, but still a reasonable amount. So publishing a picture instead of writing not only saves me time but also the immense effort of having to think. So here you go; blogging in the times of 2012, in the era of economic recession. Two for the price of one. Free of interest.

So, a bunch of children's books, what's the big news? Well, you could say the big news is that Miss Cupcake reads about fuzzy happy bunnies and other stories about fuzzy happy animals in three different languages; English, Spanish and Santa Clausish, but that is not really a big deal nowadays.

No, if you look a bit closer, you will find one book that stands out a bit; 'Lunch poems' by Frank O'Hara. It makes sense for that book to be in our house considering the poetry writing mom living here. And it makes sense for her to decide to read poems for Miss Cupcake one day. What is a bit surprising is that when I tell Miss Cupcake to get a book to read, she goes for the poems of Mr O'Hara. 

To be honest, I haven't read it. Maybe it includes a poem about a fuzzy happy bunny..? 

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