Aug 2, 2011

My Brain Wears Sunglasses as Well

Let's be honest, as a human being you want to be appreciated for your looks and for your brains. The looks have already been covered in the press (yes, I did include the word 'swoony' in my CV), so it was about time that the brains got some headlines as well. 

I work with something called 'Search Engine Optimization', which really comes down to trying to promote content in the organic search listings. You search for 'Brad Pitt' in Google, (admit it, we all do!) and it is my job to make sure the Yahoo! content appears as good as possible in that search listing. I know, makes no sense.

At Yahoo! we have made some substantial changes to our platform to try and improve the SEO, and it is featured in an industry blog.

Pretty geeky. And pretty awesome!

Read the entire article here

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