Aug 5, 2011

Hysterical Parent

I assume that all parents want to be the cool and laid back parent. Listen to rock n roll while warming up the bottle (and I refer to the milk bottle...). I sure want to be. Being a parent however requires to allow for the hysterical part to evolve and live alongside the cool part in harmony (until devouring it completely...).

It is complicated to fit all roles into one person; you are a dad, a professional, a husband and a friend. When doing one you miss doing the other, but if you do the other you want to do the first. Being a professional is important for us, and it is going really well for both of us. We at times forget that we work for two of the biggest companies on the Internet, and making a difference. This requires to leave Miss Cupcake at daycare. And this is where the hysterical part comes in. 
However thanks to technology, the lovely teachers with their lovely iPhones (thanks again Steve!) sends us updates all day. How can you feel hysterical seeing her enjoying herself this way? Actually, looks like she is having a bit too much fun without her parents...

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