Jul 28, 2011

The United Nations

Miss Cupcake has parents from different countries. One is Santa Claus and the other is a flamenco dancer. Santa Flamenco if you will. This automatically makes people ask two questions; 'does Santa Claus really exist', and 'Miss Cupcake will be bilingual, right'?

So happens that given the situation, Miss Cupcake has to deal with four languages; Swedish and Spanish inherited by her wonderful parents, English inherited by where she lives, and Chinese as cream on the top from going to a Chinese immersion daycare. From what we have heard, and read, kids handle this fine, but when you see Miss Cupcake's blue eye taking in Chinese, you start to wonder what is going on in her head at that very moment...

At the daycare, they say she speaks some Chinese with a cute Spanish accent.


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